How to become a professional artist

How to become a professional artist

Calling yourself an artist is easy, in fact, one can consider any one of us an artist. But what does it really take to truly become a professional artist? Below are two important steps that need to be taken in order to become a professional artist.


Get in the right mindset

The first important step that an aspiring professional artist has to take is to think like an artist at all times. This means you must take full responsibility of everything you do and get rid of all negative thoughts and decisions that prevent you from truly becoming an artist. You cannot be worried about things such as other people’s image of artists and a potential period without income. Make sure you use all your creative ideas and start building a network and relationships to support your career as an artist

Accept the responsibilities that come with the job

When being a professional artist there are multiple responsibilities that have to be accepted. You must be able to produce consistent work that is well-crafted, unique and easy to identify with. Try to keep these responsibilities in mind when starting your career as a professional artist:

  • Make sure you always have a collection of art ready that can be shown to people that might be interested.
  • Make sure your art is being watched by people other than friends and family and try to receive as much feedback as possible.
  • Try to establish relationships with people that are interested in your art and be sure to spend enough time developing these relationships.
  • If you are already exhibiting work, make sure there is promotion material available and that people can easily find you on the web. As an artist having a good-looking and easy-to-navigate is a must, so be sure not to neglect this part.
  • Last but not least, make sure you know the market in which you are operating and price your art competitively and logically. Potential buyers should not be scared away by a weird pricing policy, underpricing or overpricing.

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