UGallery Attempts to Create New Type of Online Art Marketplace

Considering how much the internet has grown over the last 15 or so years, it hardly seems surprising that more and more art is being sold this way. After all, the art market has long been global in nature, and the internet allows buyers and sellers to transact across nations or even continents.


One emerging website that is taking advantage of this fact and trying to move it in a new direction is UGallery. This company has the stated mission of democratizing the art market by allowing artists and collectors to communicate directly.

Traditional galleries act as intermediaries between people who make art and those who buy it. While online auction sites such as eBay have changed this to some extent, these sites are typically dominated by “power sellers” who, when it comes to art, have become the virtual equivalents of gallery owners.

UGallery focuses on contemporary art, and currently has more than 500 artists and 6,000 works of art in its collection. This company represents a new type of arrangement where modern artists can become better known and reach out to their audience of potential buyers.

On the UGallery site, you can search for works of art by style, color, size or artist’s name. They offer free shipping on all art, making it more tempting for people to purchase items over the internet.

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